Galvanizing - Benefits of Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Galvanizing can make almost any carbon steel better. Can any or all of these attributes improve your steel coil application?
  • Get the Lowest "in the Door" Purchase Cost - Hot Dip Galvanizing is a lower cost process than Electro-galvanizing, as well as many other common protective coatings.
  • It Lasts - The life expectancy of a quality Hot Dip Galvanized product can reach well over 50 years in many agricultural applications. Even with sever exposure to weather. Hot Dip Galvanizing can provide a useful life of over 20 years.
  • It's Durable - The metallurgical benefits of the zinc bond with steel provide a coating with unparalleled toughness.
  • It's Ready to Use - A Hot Dip Galvanized coil needs only limited visual inspection to insure a quality coating. Thickness can be readily verified with non-destructive testing. No additional preparation is needed as the steel can go right to your line!!
  • It's Dependable - Hot Dip Galvanizing that meets ASTM standards fulfills rigid performance criteria. Try it for your most particular steel application!
  • It's Thorough - A Hot Dip Galvanized coil has a complete and consistent coating. It improves the quality of your steel as it corrects for minor damage to the base metal.
  • It's Your Best Value - Hot Dip Galvanizing outperforms other coatings for it's long life and ease of maintenance.
  • Don't forget the "innercote" Galvanneal -- Try our patented "Innercote" galvanneal process that combines all the virtues of galvanizing with heat treatment found only in annealing. This is perfect for your downstream paint or welding requirements.
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