Continuous HCL pickling line processes coils up to .375" x 72" and .500" x 48" x 60,000 lbs.
As steel must be de-scaled before zinc coating can be applied, we chemically clean the steel. During the pickling operation, NGLP provides continuous inspection of the customer's product. All quality data is recorded in our electronic quality tracking system with the physical characteristics of that coil. This information can be retrieved upon a customer's request.

Hot rolled steel, HSLA Steel
Yield Stress
50,000 psi.
Max. Coil Weight
(entry) 60,000 lbs. (exit) 50,000 lbs.
Max. Coil Width
(entry) 72" nominal, (exit) 72"
Min. Coil Width
(entry) 18", (exit) 18"
Max. Coil OD
(entry) 72" nominal , (exit) 72" nominal
Coil ID
(entry) 16-30" , (exit) 24"
Max. Strip Thickness
.375" x 72" wide, .500" x 48" wide
Min. Strip Thickness

National Galvanizing offers the capability to slit offline hot rolled pickled, cold rolled, galvanized, or galvannealed coils.
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